Patch notes 26.04.2024

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Patch notes 26.04.2024

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  • Disabled event.
  • Deleted all temporary event items.
  • Added a pretty plant in the fields north of Prontera.

  • Added Herbtails as monsters that can sporadically be encountered around the world.
  • Argos now drops Stainer (Herbtail pet accessory) at 0.05% in place of Bark Shorts.
  • Plankton now drops Verdant Lifeblood (Herbtail food item) at 3% in place of Garlet.
  • Beetle King now drops Everfruit Tree Root (used for Herbtail taming items) at 0.2%.
  • Applied the decrypted monster skill info file provided by Doddler. What this means is that a small handful of monsters will now use special animations for specific skills that have existed since nearly the beginning of time.
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  • Added a Spice Maker in Morroc.
  • Aldebaran Monster Tamer can now create Bark Shorts.

  • Added Herbtail eggs, taming items, food, and accessory.


  • Herbtails can now be tamed and kept as pets.
    • Bitter Spice Blend (green), Hot Spice Blend (red), Zesty Spice Blend (yellow), Minty Spice Blend (white), Fragrant Spice Blend (blue) made from Everfruit Tree Roots are used to tame the various Herbtails.
    • Verdant Lifeblood is required to feed Herbtails.
    • Herbtails can be equipped with a Stainer.
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