Staff-approved client edits

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Staff-approved client edits

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Introducing: Staff-approved client edits!

After taking into consideration player suggestions and feedback, the Staff decided to implement pre-approved client edits. These edits will serve to improve the player's experience but will not affect aspects of the game that would result in an imbalance, leading to unfair advantages.

Please keep in mind that client edits other than those we have approved are still against our rules and may lead to account suspension and/or termination.

The following client edits are possible:
  • Skill Level Select
    • This will allow you to select what level of an active skill you wish to use, including those that were previously locked to their maximum level (such as Land Protector or Improve Concentration).
  • Short Song Durations
    • This edit influences Bard and Dancer song effect durations, shortening them significantly.
  • No Song Sounds
    • This will completely remove the sounds of Bard and Dancer songs.
  • Modifications to the game files which deal with Scream and Frost Joke texts
    • This will allow you to change the messages displayed when Scream and/or Frost Joke are used. Please note that we do not provide a download or a guide on how to do this, we simply unblocked the relevant file to allow it to be edited.
Any other modifications are strictly prohibited. If you wish to propose a new client edit to be greenlit by the Staff, please join our Discord and post in the Suggestions forum.

How to apply or remove approved client edits:
  • Close your Ragnagoats client.
  • Find your Ragnagoats folder and delete the existing "addons" folder.
  • Download your desired client edit(s) via our website's download page (scroll to the bottom).
  • Extract your downloaded file(s) inside your "Ragnagoats" folder. If you are asked whether to replace existing files, please confirm.
  • To remove a client edit you no longer wish to use, just open the "addons" folder and delete the applicable file.
    • Important: If you want to remove all client edits you have, you need to download the "Remove all addons" file from the website and proceed as described above. Simply deleting all files and leaving the addons folder empty would lead to problems.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out on our Discord!

The Staff
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