Ragnagoats has a number of helpful commands to make your life easier. You can see the full list of commands available to you by typing @commands ingame, though some of them are detailed below.

Command List
@autotrade Closes your game client once you have set up a vending or buying store on your merchant class character. Your store remains but you are free to play on another account.
@market Creates a clone of you with an un-joinable chatroom window. Only one such clone can be active at any time.

You are required to put a "Title" and "Message" behind the command, it will not function otherwise. "Title" is what is displayed on the chatroom and the "Message" will be sent to those who double-click the chatroom window.

You may also change the colour of the "Message". Type @market by itself to see the options.

The @marketkill command disables your active market clone in the most gruesome way possible.
@memo Allows you to decide what slot you wish to save the memo in. Type @memo 0/1/2 (top to bottom) accordingly.
@whereis Tells you what maps the designated monster spawns on and how many of them spawn there.

Put the monster's name or ID behind the command to get results.
@mobinfo/mi Provides information about the designated monster, such as its level, race, element, or stats.

Put the monster's name or ID behind the command to get results.
@whodrops Tells you what monsters drop the designated item.

Put the item's name or ID behind the command to get results. If you want to search for slotted items, you have to add a "_" after the word, such as "shoes_".
@iteminfo/ii Provides information about the designated item, such as its type, NPC value, and extra effects.

Put the monster's name or ID behind the command to get results.
@rotd Enables or disables the Race of the Day messages.

When enabled, it will tell you what race is ROTD and you will receive exp messages.
@killcount/kc Tracks the number of monsters you kill, 19 being the maximum amount of different monsters you can track at a time.

You need to designate the monster's ID as well as a slot (1 to 19), for example @killcount 1170 1 (this would be Sohee). Use the @mi command or check the website to find out a monster's ID.

Typing @killcount list will show you what monsters you are currently tracking and what slots they are assigned to.

In order to start your killcounter, type @killcount on. To stop it, type @killcount off.
@setcamera Allows you to change your camera settings. This does not affect view distance, only zoom!

Usage: @setcamera ZOOM ROTATION TILT
- Example: @setcamera 700 0 -50 will temporarily increase your zoom to 700 (510 is the default).
- Default Camera: 510 0 -50.
- NOTE: As soon as you relog or manually zoom by scrolling your mouse, the zoom level gets restored back to 510.
@vig This command shows what kind of VIG (Very Important Goat) status you have and how much time remains until it runs out.

To find out more about the VIG status and what it entails, please visit our Donation page.
/mineffect Enables or disables minimal visual effects.
/quake Enables or disables screen shake.
!vsync Enables or disables the 60 FPS cap.
!ping Pings the server and returns the average, minimum, and maximum reply time as well as packets sent, received, and lost.

It takes up to 2 minutes for this command to finish running. Please do not relog during that time.