Monthly server operation costs

Welcome to our little overview of what goes into hosting this server each month. Please keep in mind that the write-up below does not include external costs such as advertisement or Discord subscriptions. Donations are always optional, but helps us a lot. The staff defaults 60 € each month automatically. The rest is paid by the Admin.

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Main machine - 99.991% availability.

  • 195 € /mo
Development machine - used for development, testing and providing new content. (stores backups every 10 minutes)

  • 45 € /mo
Webhost, provides our frontend and downloads. Also used for our patcher.

  • 40 € /mo
Redundancy machine 1 - security backup of database, also subversion host.

  • 10 € /mo
Redundancy machine 2 - security backup of database

  • 10 € /mo
SEA proxy

  • 10 € /mo