Other Changes

The changes below do not fit in any of the other categories but are still worth a mention.

Afk timer

  • In order to prevent afk leeching, Ragnagoats introduced an afk timer that stops you from gaining experience. It activates after five minutes of inactivity and can only be disabled by successfully using a skill, by moving (simply turning your character in the same spot does not work), or by attacking.

After-skill walk delay

  • On Ragnagoats, the "after-skill walk delay" has been lowerd by half (from 300ms to 150ms) to follow official settings. This is currently an experimental change, the delay will be raised at a moment's notice if problems appear.


  • On Ragnagoats, autofollow is disabled. This change has been made in order to discourage players going afk while their character follows another character. This is particularly important in regards to afk performers.

Mail Tax

  • When using the mail system on Ragnagoats, there are no taxes imposed on sending items and zeny. When sending zeny, it will still show that tax is due and you need to have that amount on your character, but it will not be deducted when you hit "send".

Guild Tax

  • You can set guild tax up to a maximum of 99% instead of the regular 50%.

Revised Pet System

  • The Pet System has been tweaked, specifically in terms of how the boni work, and a lot more pets are available. Check this page for further information!

Staff-approved client edits

  • As per our rules, no client edits other than those pre-approved by the staff are allowed. Currently available/allowed edits are as follows:
    • Skill Level Select
    • Short Song Durations
    • No Song Sounds
    • Modifications to the game files which deal with Scream and Frost Joke texts

    To find out more, including how to install or uninstall these approved client edits, please check this news post.

Quest: The Sign

  • Added an appropriately "The Sign Quest" way to recover from failing The Sign Quest, thus preventing the dreaded state of "I have sunk so much money and time into this quest and now can't finish it anymore on this character! conundrum.

Quest: Re-Rebirth

  • Transcended classes can visit a hermit north of Umbala to re-embark on their rebirth journey, meaning being reset back to level 1/1 High Novice. This cannot be (ab)used to switch to a different class.