On Ragnagoats, we believe that you should be able to enjoy all features of the server without being forced to pay money.

What are Goat Points?

Goat Points are a custom cash currency required to use a number of Ragnagoat's amazing features and you earn them by simply playing the game.

Find out below how to get them and what to spend them on!

How do I earn Goat Points?

The main and most obvious way to attain Goat Points is to kill monsters. Whenever a monster on the same map as you dies, you earn Goat Points - you do not need to be the person to deal the most damage or strike the killing blow, but you have to somehow be involved in the fight.

Another way to gain Goat Points is by opening Event Boxes. Each Event Winner Box or Event Participation Box has a chance of rewarding you with a small number of Goat Points.

What, that's it?!

Do not fear, we have plans to add many more ways to earn Goat Points in the very near future.

What can I spend my Goat Points on?

One of the uses for Goat Points is our Cash Shop which you can find ingame in the top right corner next to the Mini Map. By opening the Cash Shop, you will be able to see how many Goat Points you currently have as well as what you can use them for. Some NPCs, for example, the Kafra, will also accept your Goat Points in return for certain upgrades.

You may spend Goat Points for the following:

Beauty Parlour vouchers

Voucher Type GP Cost
Costume Voucher 1200
Hairstyle Voucher 600
Dye Voucher 300
Would you like to create a costume headgear, change your hairstyle, or dye your hair or clothing? Check the Cash Shop which sells the necessary vouchers which can then be redeemed by the staff within the Beauty Parlour!

Character and Account vouchers

Voucher Type GP Cost
Name Change Voucher 2400
Sex Change Voucher 2400
Unlock Character Slot Voucher 800
Character Slot Change Voucher 400
Inventory Extention Voucher 200
These vouchers, which can also be purchased via the Cash Shop, deal with changes to your characters or accounts. Once obtained, you need to use these vouchers like you would a consumable in order to benefit from their effect.

The one exception is the Sex Change Voucher which you need to present to Dr. Bob in the Beauty Parlour. Please be aware that Bards and Dancers cannot change their sex.

Inventory Extention Vouchers can increase your character inventory by up to 200 slots. This has to be done each of your characters.

Unlock Storage

Service GP Cost
Personal Storage Slot 200
Unlock Guild Storage 30000
Similar to most of the other vouchers, you can obtain Personal Storage Slot vouchers via the Goat Shop. Once purchased, they will appear in your inventory and can then be used like a consumable item. Each voucher extends your personal storage by 1 slot for up to 900 extra slots.

When speaking to the Kafra, all members of a guild can choose to donate their Goat Points in order to make your Guild's Storage available.
Please remember that the only guild members with access to Guild Storage are those that have ranks with the required permission (Storage Permit).