Do you fancy going on adventures in new and unexpected places? Find yourself overwhelmed staring at the map of Rune-Midgard and wish you had a little nudge one way or the other? Well, our Maps of the Day system promises to give you more than just a nudge! Take the plunge into the unknown, knowing that no matter what happens, there are always extra rewards awaiting you!

"So how exactly does this all work?"

Each day at 9 am (server time), nine seemingly random maps will begin to teem with a mysterious power, and will continue to resonate for 24 hours. During this time, all monsters on those maps yield 15% increased experience. This bonus does not stack with the Race of the Day bonus! However, if monsters on a Map of the Day also belong to the Race of the Day, they have a higher chance of dropping Magic Residue! What's that, you may wonder? Read below to find out.

Any monster defeated on an affected map will also have a chance to leave behind magic residue - little specks and particles of magic that we're sure are a proper headache to gather and stuff into cute little pouches. If you manage to collect this residue, an eccentric wizard in Geffen named Pam will be happy to take them off you. In exchange, you'll get not just a chunk of experience for your time but also some mystery supplies.

This system is primarily intended as a way to make randomly chosen maps just a bit more appealing than usual, especially ones that are normally underutilized. The rewards are designed to be worthwhile, but not overwhelming! It is our belief that Ragnarok is a game best played when driven by one's own motivations, and as such our goal is to provide more options to choose from, rather than fewer.

Please be aware that you cannot rebirth your 99 character if they are carrying any Magic Residue! Luckily Pam, the lovely lady described below, will take them off your hands even if you do not have 10 of a kind in that case.

"Okay sure, but why does it happen?"

That's an excellent question! One that Pam in Geffen outside the tower would be delighted to answer - the only question is... can you keep up with her mad genius?

Pam will explain how the residual magic energy of the nexuses, which ends up sticking to monsters around Rune Midgard and beyond, can be harvested and asks you to lend her a hand.

Pam will reward you in return for the following items (be careful when handing over the dust as she is clumsy!):

  • Glinting Magic Residue x10
    • You will receive 1000 base and job experience as well as a couple of moderately useful items.
  • Shimmering Magic Residue x10
    • You will receive 5000 base and job experience as well as a couple of quite useful items.
  • Gleaming Magic Residue x10
    • You will receive 20000 base and job experience as well as a couple of very useful items.

Please note that the type of Magic Residue you receive is tied to the monster's base experience, not the type of map! It is, as such, possible to get two or even all three types of Magic Residues on the same map.
  • 1-199 -> Glinting Residue
  • 200-1199 -> Shimmering Residue
  • 1200+ -> Gleaming Residue

"Is there a way to know which maps are affected?"

Absolutely! Pam's Assistant is standing ready to assist with all of these matters!

Once you've been introduced to the basic concept by Pam, her loyal apprentice is willing to direct you to the daily maps where magic residue can be collected.

He can be found in most major towns at any given time, which is possible because he is a wizard and you should not be asking questions like that.

The Maps of the Day change every day at 9am server time, so be sure to check either the website or speak to the Assistant if you wish to know where the magic is today!